Seven Generations a+e has experience with writing bond campaigns, as well as doing private education work.  We have developed high school and elementary school renovations, as well as higher education.  We have staff with substantial experience creating learning environments and understand how the space is going to impact the student.

Dowagiac High School Gym Addition

Dowagiac Union Schools passed a Bond Issue in November of 2015 to construct a new competition gymnasium at Union High School. The existing high school opened in 1961, long before the emergence of girls’ athletics.  The focus of the design is to equalize the facilities for girls’ sports.

The new 13,500 s.f. gym ...

Dowagiac High School

Seven Generations is currently providing architectural and engineering services on several projects for Dowagiac Union Schools.  The project for the “Transformation of Dowagiac High School” follows the tenets set forth by the community in the November 2015 Bond Issues. The design includes a new Safe and Secure entry to...