Our Design Process

Our philisophical approach to our clients is one that involves a Solutions Based Approach. We believe open collaboration, active listening methods and concensus driven discussion is at the heart of every great design.


As a tribally-owned company, working with indigenous people is our passion at Seven Generations Architecture and Engineering.  We understand that these projects not only add to the services a tribe can offer its citizens, but in many cases are the culmination of years of effort by passionate tribal citizens.

Hospitality & Retail

Seven Generations a+e specializes in providing spaces that promote a customer’s brand.  This is true of front-of-the-house retail space, or back-of-the-house employee areas; both are critical to creating spaces that promote your sales.


Seven Generations Architecture and Engineering relies on its staff’s experience of over 70 healthcare-specific projects in the United States.   We utilize three dimensional computer modeling to explore healthcare environments and to communicate those spaces with medical and facility staff as well as patients.


As an 8(a), Tribally-owned HUBZone company, Seven Generations Architecture and Engineering’s mission is your mission.  We are working with various agencies throughout the United States in the Federal Government, including the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and General Services...


Seven Generations a+e has experience with writing bond campaigns, as well as doing private education work.  We have developed high school and elementary school renovations, as well as higher education.  We have staff with substantial experience creating learning environments and understand how the space is going to impact the student.


For Seven Generations a+e, doing projects in and around our community here in Kalamazoo is important to being a good neighbor.  We are proud to work with outstanding local partners to create meaningful projects here in Southwest Michigan.