Radiant Church Downtown Campus Cafe - 7gen

Radiant Church Downtown Campus Cafe




Kalamazoo, MI


Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design

Radiant Church sought to create a welcoming space in Downtown Kalamazoo for people of all faiths to enjoy.

Radiant Church retained Seven Generations Architecture + Engineering (7GAE) to design a new café for their 26,000-square-foot urban campus located on the Kalamazoo Mall in downtown Kalamazoo. The church purchased the multi-level tenant space with the sole intention of opening a café and making it a destination for everyone downtown to enjoy. It was important to church leaders that the café not feature any church or religious branding or icons in order to create a welcome and inviting social setting for people of all faiths to enjoy.

Upstairs from the café is a worship area used for church functions. 7GAE designed the main center staircase to connect the café to the worship area. The street-level space also features a video recording suite. In addition, the lower level was redesigned to accommodate new classrooms and meeting areas. A modular wooden structure was designed with alternating open latticed bays to provide pockets for natural light infiltration. The renovation also required mechanical system upgrades, ADA compliance, and new foodservice equipment.