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OMG Genetix Grow Facility




Parma Township, Michigan

The OMG Grow Facility is the first phase of a full seed to sale medical marijuana facility. This includes growing, harvesting, drying, processing and selling of the marijuana plant under Michigan’s medical marijuana law, Michigan Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA). This facility has 3 separate licenses to operate: a growing license, a processing license, and a distribution license.

Seven Generations was tasked with designing one facility to house two of the three licenses; growing and processing, with space for a distribution/dispensary addition. The design of the facility is linear to reflect the linear process of growing and harvesting the marijuana plant. This linear design creates an efficient process starting from seed or clone and eventually ending in a cure/dry room where the dried plant can be taken to be packaged and stored for sale. This linear process also ensures the plant remains in clean spaces only. This allows waste and other dirty materials to move throughout the facility with no possibility of contaminating the plant.

In addition to ensuring grow process is efficient and clean, the facility has to follow guidelines presented by the state to remain fully licensed. This includes ensuring the separate license types are separated by fire wall separations and that proper occupancy types are used. Because there are multiple occupancy types within one building a full egress study was conducted to ensure exit travel distances are in compliance and the proper firewalls are in place.

The crew on the project.

Steve VandenBussche, AIA, LEED AP

Shane Cromwell, Assoc. AIA

Project Coordinator | BIM Production

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