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3D Scanning

Seven Generations Architecture & Engineering has state of the art laser scanning equipment that allow us to document and capture built environments in 3 dimensions. The 3D scanning equipment allows our team to improve workflow when capturing existing conditions for our projects. The pinpoint accuracy of this equipment allows us to create the most accurate rendition of the spaces we are documenting. Interstitial spaces and clustered sections of MEP that were previously difficult to measure can now be accounted for in the design process with more accuracy and confidence. We not only able to capture multiple 3D scans, we are also able to capture High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery that we can incorporate into any report or design package.

3D Reality Capture Workflow:
1. 3D Scan Equipment
2. Scan Location
3. Data Processing
4. Publishing

We believe in embracing technology in ways that allow us to be innovative and forward thinking. In the end, this innovative thinking allows us to produce a better product with greater accuracy and efficiency for our clients. What once took two to three people several days of documentation can now happen with one person and a few hours of scanning. This saves us an enormous amount of time which turns into savings for our clients. 3-D scanning has a wide range of use on a project from design to construction observation. We are capable of scanning existing site conditions from existing buildings to future building sites. These scans provide our team with accurate depictions of the environments we are designing.

Eric Phillips, PMP, LEED AP

Project Coordinator | BIM Manager

Shawn Lettow, Assoc. AIA

Senior Designer | Scanning Technician

Geselle Alfaro

Architectural Associate | Scanning Technician

Shane Cromwell, Assoc. AIA

Architectural Associate | Scanning Technician

Nathan Fishnick

Architectural Associate | Scanning Technician

Jordan Strong

Scanning Technician

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