Kalsec Corporation Innovation Center - 7gen

Kalsec Corporation Innovation Center




Kalamazoo, Michigan

Seven Generations was commissioned to renovate an existing office space in one of their original lab/production facilities. This 1920’s space was the originally the office of the company founder and president and is now being adapted to act as a state of the art conference and innovation space. Kalsec was founded in 1958 in Kalamazoo and began as a producer and marketer of natural herbs and spices for food manufacturers. The company has since expanded and is now a international leader in the development of natural spice and herb extracts. Our goal for the project was to develop a prototype space that could be replicated at other Kalsec facilities around the country and internationally. The space will allow Kalsec employees to easily connect, virtually, to any of their locations. The project uses the latest in video conferencing technology with a focus of creating a space for real time collaboration.

The crew on the project.


Project Executive

Shane Cromwell, Assoc. AIA

Project Coordinator | BIM Production

Jordan Strong

Project Technician

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